2017 KHPA Photos

2017 Tournament Photos
Getting Underway Casey Byrd E Winners Eagle Eye Floats It Out There Marksman Marlin! Campbellsville
Ringin' Ralph Miller Champ Mt. Sterling Mike Somerset King Cecil's Shoe Clangin' Clinton Doublin' Dow
Dynamo Dale Veteran Shoes Hard Fought Win Garrett Bombed Eye The Stake Roger Bullock Mitch Duncan
Nalley's Turn Stan's Comeback Top Contender Style Switch 80% Grip Guest Star Somerset C
Ol' Pirate Bob The Bardstown Bullet Stackin' Stan Scorekeepin' Rocky Top Wild & Free Sauer Tradition
The Three J's Last One In

2015 Bourbon Festival Pics
Rocky Toppers Come one Come all No Coffee, Tea or Punch? Barrell Head Table Time Chaney's Hat Ladie's Action
Comin' Down Car Show Worthy In The Air

League Action

Edmonson CHPA League Photos
2014 Court Report 2014 State Take 2015 State Take 2016 State Take Game Chart 2015 Court Report League 2017
John & Gals Switcheroo Charlie On Sight Butler Bob Pitch Night Rippin' Ronnie Meredith Duo
16 Spring Champ 16 Summer Champs 2017 State Take 17 Spring Champs Eyeball It! Eagle John

Historical Info

In Rememberance
Huck Hudnall William Wade Mike Bowling Billy Wade Ted Sauer George Applegate Leamon Benningfield

KHPA History Files & Photos
1937 NorthKy. Club 1938 NorthKy. Club 1970 Gtown Courts Louisville Gang Ted Sauer 74 Harry Henn Mem. 1978 Day-Bell
Mt. Sterling Gang Early Winners Millville Gang E'town Club/Courts Millville Club/Courts Montgomery Co. Courts Somerset Courts
Hudnall News Video- Meredith Wins Blue 2017 State Logo